Answering Phones

The receptionist will be answering the phones and the door the majority of the time. There may be times when she will not be available to do so. In such cases please:

  • Answer the phone if it is within your reach.
  • If it is within nobody's reach, please get up to answer it.

Reception Duty Rotation:

  • During the receptionist's lunch hour, we rotate reception and phone answering duties.
  • The Office Manager is responsible for maintaining a schedule in this regard.
  • Always be polite.

Incoming calls:

  • Pick up the phone
  • When answering the phone, please state your name as well as the company's name. For example: "NML good day, John speaking".
  • Advise the caller that you are going to put them on hold (unless you can answer their question of course)
  • Place the caller on HOLD ( by pressing the HOLD button on the main reception phone – you should see a red light flashing which indicates they are on “hold”)
  • Use the portable phone on the reception desk (214 or 217)) to call one of the other portable phone extensions closest to the person who the call is for (eg. Dave’s ext. 211).
  • Inform them that they will be receiving a call. (and ask if they are available to take the call)
  • Transfer the call by pressing TRANS, and the extension number
  • Then press #SEND (or alternatively you can hang up the call as this would also initiate the transfer after applying the above steps)

What to ask when calls comes through:

  • Who’s speaking?
  • Which company are you calling from?
  • What is this in regards to?

If the person who the call is for, is not available:

  • John is not available at this moment, can I take a message?
  • Who’s speaking?
  • Which company are you calling from?
  • What is this in regards to?

When the said person is available again, hand them the message that you’ve taken down from the phone call. Alternatively, just e-mail them the message

When someone arrives for a meeting:

  • Good-day, how may I assist?
  • Your name is?
  • For which meeting are you here and what time is it scheduled for?
  • Can I offer you a drink – coffee, tea, water etc?

Inform the relevant parties to collect their guest from reception while you collect a drink for the guest (if they have requested one).

Response for people who are looking for the Spanish Embassy:

  • One floor down (on floor 1)
  • As you exit the elevator, turn right and the embassy is through the door

Response when recruitment agencies call:

If they are not calling from Yamlegacy or Datafin, reply with the below:

  • We already have preferred service providers that we are using and we are unfortunately not looking to sign on any additional agencies. Thanks for your call, have a lovely day further.

Outsourcing partner requests:

  • We are not considering outsourcing any of our work. Thanks for your call, do have a lovely day further.

Calls for our NML P.E branch:

  • Thanks for your call, you have reached the Cape Town branch
  • Our PE Office can be reached directly using the following number 087 897 5885

Confirmation of Employment Calls:

  • Ask whom they need to confirm employment for and then transfer the call to Dave.
  • If Dave isn’t available, take a message / ask them to call back when he has returned.
  • Dave’s extension number is 211.

Packages that arrive:

  • Sign for package if it is addressed to somebody working at NML / Atura
  • Place the package on recipients desk
  • Slack the recipient, informing them that you’ve placed the package on their desk

Validating parking tickets:

  • There is a Samsung Tab on the reception desk that that is used to validate the tickets.
  • It is not locked so when you press any key it should open on the “Servest web page”.
  • In the card number section, place the last 3 digits of the long number found on the front of the card.
  • In the comment section, if it’s a delivery then type “delivery” / if it was a guest then type “guest” etc.
  • Once all info has been captured, press “submit”
  • Thereafter click "validate" and it should take you back to the main page.
  • If the validation hadn’t appeared, even if the amount to validate totals R0, then there might have been a glitch and you'd have to redo the process of validation until it does show the wording “validate”.