Cape Town boardroom team meeting guide

Posted on 19 January 2023
Charl Marais

Setting up Teams

Internal Teams

In order to have the Cape Town boardroom participate in Teams meetings, ct_boardroom@nml.co.za needs to be added to the meeting recipients list (Required or Optional).


External meetings

You cannot invite ct_boardroom@nml.co.za for meetings organised by external party, however you can join external meetings from the boardroom by join via a meeting link.


Operating the Dell Optiflex and TV

The ct_boardroom user account has been added to the Dell Optiflex Mini PC, which is connected to the boardroom TV. To host meetings attendees in the board room have to switch on the Dell Optiflex, if it is not on already, as well as the TV.

Start the Dell Optiflex


Switch on the TV



Logon to the Dell Optiflex

To log on to the Dell Optiflex as ct_boardroom@nml.co.za you can:

Using Teams

Teams should automatically start and display. However, it is possible that a previous user closed the application. You can find Teams on the taskbar or by searching for it in the Start menu.

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