Inconsistent count of test cases in Test Plan Vs Actual Test Cases:

Issue Scenario Example:

I cannot see all of the test cases. The view seems to be incorrect.

The Test Plan View displays HOME CONTENT (11), however I can only see (4) Actual Test cases

Figure 1:

The Solution:

Ask the person who created the test cases, who sees all HOME CONTENT (11) to update the following:

  1. Area
  2. Iteration

Figure 2:

The following needs to be done by the Tester who sees all HOME CONTENT (11):

Update the Test Cases which has the Incorrect “Area” and “Iteration” Paths as per figure 2 to the correct “Area” & “Iteration” paths.

This will ensure that we see all the test cases for the “Area” & “Iteration” as per figure 3

Figure 3: