Learning Channel Sessions


The learning channel exists to help everybody at NML grow their skills and share their knowledge. We all have something to contribute, and we all have something more to learn.

If you have any topics you would like to learn more about, be sure to share them on the Learning Channel, or send your suggestions to Isobel, Justin, Remy, or Charl.

You are also encouraged to volunteer for presenting sessions. Presenting information to a group is an important skill to learn as part of your career development, and these sessions offer an easy and safe environment for NMLers to learn and practice this skill. Additionally, the research and preparation you need to do will teach you much more about any topic than just attending a session will. Send an email/message to Isobel, Justin, Remy, or Charl to help out.


PM Session: Technical: Architectures, Platforms, and Technologies. Part 12021-02-03Charl Marais
QA Session: Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing2021-02-10Remy Brecht
UX Session: What's new in CSS: sub-grid and gap, content-visibility, contain-intrinsic-size, :is() and :where() pseudo-classes, scroll-snap, line-clamp.2021-02-17Justin Slack
Dev Session: Logging in .Net. What should you log and at what level?2021-02-24Charl Marais
PM Session: Technical: Architectures, Platforms, and Technologies. Part 22021-03-03Charl Marais
QA Session: The future of testing by James Bach2021-03-10Alison Dixon
UX Session: React Storybook. How does it work, help and improve our front-end development?2021-03-17TBC
Dev Session: Introduction to Docker and containerisation in DevOps2021-03-31Nicholas Barfknecht
PM Session: Apr2021-04-07TBC
QA Session: Apr2021-04-14TBC
UX Session: Apr2021-04-21TBC
Dev Session: NML developer development processes. Branching, committing, pull requests, etc.2021-04-28Charl Marais
PM Session: May2021-05-05TBC
QA Session: May2021-05-12TBC
UX Session: May2021-05-19TBC
Dev Session: Netlify and Netlify-CMS. What is it, how do I use it, and why should I know about it.2021-05-26TBC
PM Session: Jun2021-06-02TBC
QA Session: Jun2021-06-09TBC
UX Session: Jun2021-06-16TBC
Dev Session: Jun2021-06-30TBC
PM Session: Jul2021-07-07TBC
QA Session: Jul2021-07-14TBC
UX Session: Jul2021-07-21TBC
Dev Session: Jul2021-07-28TBC
PM Session: Aug2021-08-04TBC
QA Session: Aug2021-08-11TBC
UX Session: Aug2021-08-18TBC
Dev Session: Aug2021-08-25TBC
PM Session: Sep2021-09-01TBC
QA Session: Sep2021-09-08TBC
UX Session: Sep2021-09-15TBC
Dev Session: Sep2021-09-29TBC
PM Session: Oct2021-10-06TBC
QA Session: Oct2021-10-13TBC
UX Session: Oct2021-10-20TBC
Dev Session: Oct2021-10-27TBC
PM Session: Nov2021-11-03TBC
QA Session: Nov2021-11-10TBC
UX Session: Nov2021-11-17TBC
Dev Session: Nov2021-11-24TBC