Leave Process

Types of leave:

  • Annual
  • Sick
  • Family responsibility
  • Study
  • Maternity
  • Time in lieu
  • Moving day

Annual leave

Annual leave is available as follow:

  • Annual leave is accumulated throughout the year - 1.67 days per month.
  • You are entitled to 20 working days of leave per year.
  • About 4 days are to be taken when NML closes for the holidays in December (16 days remaining).
  • It is possible with prior approval to accumulate leave / go into the negative, depending on the circumstances.
  • Complete a leave form and submit it to your Project Manager for sign off.
  • Submit your form preferably 1 month in advance. Alternatively as much notice as possible.
  • Your PM will then hand the form to Dave for final sign-off.
  • The Office Manager will capture it and send it to Payroll.

Sick leave

Sick leave is available as follow:

  • The sick leave cycle consists of a 36 month period.
  • During this cycle you are entitled to 6 weeks' paid sick leave (30 days).
  • During your first six months of employment, you will be entitled to 1 day’s paid sick leave for every 26 days worked.
  • Where sick leave is taken in the following instances, a medical certificate stating that you were unable to work for the duration of your absence on account of sickness or injury, will be required:
  1. Monday / Friday
  2. Before / after a Public Holiday
  3. Before / after Annual Leave
  4. As per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, if your Sick Leave extends over a period of more than two consecutive days.
  5. As per the BCEA, if you are sick more than twice in an 8-week period
  • The medical certificate must be issued and signed by a medical practitioner who is certified to diagnose and treat patients and who is registered with a professional council established by an Act of Parliament.
  • The rule for sick leave is that if you're too sick to come into work, you're too sick to work so it will be logged as sick leave.
  • Contact your Project Manager before 09:30 informing them that you will not be coming into the office.
  • Your PM will let the Office Manager know.
  • The Office Manager will capture the leave and will send it to Payroll.

Family responsibility leave

You will be granted family responsibility leave in the case of the following events:

  • 4 days
  • When your child is born (this is for the dads at NML)
  • When your child is sick, and
  • In the event of death of:
    • Your spouse or life partner; or
    • Your parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, child, adopted child, grandchild.

Since the above events are often unexpected, the following process applies:

  • Contact your Project Manager before 09:30 informing them that you will not be coming into the office.
  • Your PM will let the Office Manager know.
  • Once you return to the office, the Office Manager will capture the leave and will send it to Payroll.

Study leave

Study leave is available as follows:

  • 3 days of study leave will be granted:
    • Two days before your examination
    • The day of the examination
  • The above may vary, depending on the Terms and Conditions agreed on prior to undertaking the course/certification.
  • Study leave does not have to be logged as per the normal leave process but must be approved by Dave as well as your Project Manager.

Maternity Policy

  • As per the BCEA, 4 consecutive months of maternity leave will be granted.
  • Maternity leave may commence:
    • At any time from four weeks before the expected date of birth, unless otherwise agreed, or
    • On a date from which a medical practitioner or a midwife certifies that it is necessary for your health or that of your unborn child.
  • You may not work for six weeks after the birth of your child, unless a medical practitioner or midwife certifies that you are fit to do so.
  • In the case of a miscarriage during the third trimester of pregnancy or if you should bear a stillborn child, you will be entitled to maternity leave for six weeks after the miscarriage or stillbirth, whether or not you had commenced maternity leave at the time of the miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • You will be required to notify NML of the date on which you intend to:
    • Commence maternity leave, and
    • Return to work after maternity leave

Your application need to be submitted at least 4 weeks before you intend to commence maternity leave, with the exception of emergencies. In case of an emergency, please let Dave know.

Maternity pay is available as follows


You will receive maternity pay, starting from the first day of leave. Two thirds of your monthly salary will be paid for the 4 month maternity period. This amount will be paid per NML’s usual payroll process, with payment on the 25th of the month.

Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

You are eligible to apply for UIF during maternity leave for the portion of your normal salary that that will not be received during this period. The amount eligible depends on various factors. More information can be found at: http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/legislation/acts/basic-guides/basic-guide-to-uif-maternity-benefits

Returning to work

Unless alternative arrangements are made, you will be expected to return to work after the period of maternity leave. Any agreement to a change in working arrangements (e.g. to work part time) will be considered on the basis of the operational requirements, but should be discussed with Dave with as much notice as possible.

Non-return to work

If you decide not to return to work after maternity leave, or if you return to work but subsequently decide not to continue a period of at least three months, NML has the right to reclaim any contractual maternity pay that you received from NML.

If an employee returns to work but does not subsequently continue in employment for a period of at least three months, the amount deducted will be a proportion of the excess pay as follows:

  • Up to one month - All maternity pay
  • One month up to two months - Two-thirds of maternity pay
  • Two months up to three months - One-third of maternity pay

Time in lieu

  • From time to time employees / teams may be required to work longer hours to accommodate a pressing work issue like an upcoming deadline, demo or deployment.
  • Overtime needs to be approved by your Project Manager and Dave beforehand
  • Time off in lieu of overtime worked will be offered as an option to teams who are required to work hours beyond their normal contractually agreed weekly hours (40 hours).
  • This arrangement is designed to ensure that an employee is not constantly working excessive hours and to ensure work-life balance.
  • It is not expected that time in lieu will be a standard or regular occurrence and will take place at the Company’s discretion

Moving day leave

One day of leave will be granted when you move house. Happy moving!