Locking up

If you are one of the last few people to leave the office, you need to ensure that the following tasks are completed before leaving:


  • Close and lock windows.
  • Switch off all plugs.
  • Empty coffee filter and rinse coffee pot.
  • Rinse milk container if empty. If it still contains milk, place container in the fridge.

Bathroom Area

  • Make sure windows are closed and locked in shower area.
  • Switch off the lights.


  • Close and lock the windows.
  • Turn off screens / Projector.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Turn off aircon.

Main Floor

  • Close and lock windows.
  • Ensure the smokers' door is locked from the inside.
  • Turn off the aircon (next to the server room).
  • Turn off the lights (by the main entrance).
  • Set the alarm (by the main entrance)
  • Leave through the main door. Hold your hand over the “no touch” sensor. When it becomes green you will be able to open the door.

There is also a list on the fridge in the kitchen in case you forget.