Office Lunch

Every Tuesday and Thursday we prepare lunch available to all who are interested. We charge R20 a portion. We send out an email the day before with the details of what we will be serving and the list goes up on the fridge. Should you be interested write your name on the list before 3pm the same day.

The number of ingredients bought and portions prepared are calculated by the number of names on the list. We do not waste food and therefore we do not prepare extra. Should the list be removed from the fridge, you are no longer able to add your name.

If your name was written down but for some reason who did not eat lunch, then it is your responsibility to let Alison know as otherwise you will be charged.

At the end of each month you will get an email tallying up the amount you owe. You must pay in cash to Alison.

If you have any dietary requests- please disclose that to Fridah in advance