Process of Regression & Release Testing within Azure DevOps:

Navigate to Project URL: https://dev.azure.com/NewMediaLabs/TenX

Click on the Test Plans icon

VIP: Please communicate with your team ask where you as the Tester can find the Release Notes.

Right click on Master Test Plan

Select New requirement-based suite folder

Ensure you select All Relevant Query Fields information

Click Run Query

Click Create suites

VIP: If There are any other features that need to be Regression Tested, as discussed with your Team. You will need to create a New Static Suite Folder within the Release folder as per example below:

The goal is:

1. Discover & Plan:

  • Identify the Release Scope
  • Define the Test Plan

2. Design & Develop:

  • Develop/Update Test Cases
  • Prep Test Environment

3. Execute & Report:

  • Execute Tests
  • Report Test Results/Bugs
  • Validate Bug Fixes

4. Test & Closure:

  • Provide Quality Report
  • Perform Post Prod Testing (If applicable)

For more detailed explanation with regards to regression testing please see: https://docs.nml.co.za/qa/2019/10/02/regression-testing.html