Quality Assurance roles and responsibilities

The different quality assurance roles along with the expectation from NML is presented in table format below.

✓ means that the described responsibility is expected from a person fulfilling the role and will form part of assessments.

⃞ means that the described responsibility is not expected from person fulfilling the role and will not form part of assessment.


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Technical skills

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Display adequate proficiency in story analyses and test case design, and required test tools. Ensure identified gaps are added to you personal development plan.
Assist team members on test case implementation issues
Ensure familiarity with project reference architecture
Identify quality assurance gaps and risks in the reference architecture and work with team to update.
Transfer technical knowledge to team members

Day-to-day tasks

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Ensure that tickets are up to date and you move your tickets in terms of status and comment on the ticket where relevant.
Take ownership of stories, tasks and all related quality assurance activities to complete the assigned work. Manage assigned story and test task statuses, comments and updates from start to finish.
Ensure deployed stories pass their defined test cases on the test environment as expected. Create bugs against the stories where test cases fail.
Pro-actively follow up with developers to confirm that their work is complete and that all bugs have been addressed in the current cycle..
Transfer agile process knowledge to team members
Serve as cover quality assurance on ad-hoc projects as required

Test case quality

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Adhere to good technical practices according to company defined standards
Familiar with test practices.
Identify practices that aren't effective and suggest changes
Ensure QA team member implement test cases to best practices
Review test cases as highest priority and participate by commenting and asking clarifications.
Ensure QA team member participate on test case reviews with the required urgency.
Serve as test case review buddy on ad-hoc projects

Build and Releases

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Assist with release test plan creation
Prepare release test plan for deployment
Present test plan to team and amend with suggestions
Execute release test plan on target deployment environment
Assist with generating/compiling test release plan execution result and report to Technical Team Lead and PM
Generate/compile test release plan execution results and report to Technical Team Lead and PM

Scrum ceremonies

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Contribute during sprint planning and backlog grooming meetings to define stories with acceptance criteria and the necessary tasks to address requirements.
Attend and prepare for daily stand-up meetings. You will need to briefly describe what you did yesterday, what you will be doing today and what impediments you are experiencing.
Attend and contribute to retrospective meetings. You will need to describe what went well during the last sprint, what did not go well and what you feel the team can improve on.
Identify testing issues and/or solutions raised during retrospective that are applicable on a company level and should be communicated to the QA manager and CTO


ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
When needed, request or accept and prepare for check-ins with the Technical Team Lead, PM and/or Development Line Manager

Reference architecture review

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Participate in reference architecture reviews


ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Communicating progress and issues on development commitments to team and Project Manager.
Transfer communication best practice knowledge to team members
Ask for help in an appropriate time frame


ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Accurate daily logging of time.

NML Wikis

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Update Project Wiki Page with the latest business logic from features worked on.
Contribute articles and posts to NML blog

Communicating with clients

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Professional communication with clients, and PM and Technical Lead are made aware (included) in communications.


ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Participate in the relevant project support structure.

Skills development plan

ResponsibilityJunior QAIntermediate QASenior QA
Formulate a plan with Technical Lead and/or Architect and/or QA Manager Line Manager to address skills gaps. (Training material, Exams / Certifications, Target completion dates)