Remuneration and Benefits

The following topics will be covered in this post:

  • Salary payments
  • Salary reviews
  • Bonus pool
  • Benefits and salary deductions
  • Expense claims
  • Use of own car - reimbursements

Salary payments

  • The salary that has been individually agreed with you, will be outlined in your Employment Contract. This information should be treated as confidential and should not be shared with your colleagues.
  • Pay day is on the 25th of each month.
  • The breakdown of your salary will be provided on your payslip, which will be sent to you on, or before pay day.
  • It will be password protected. Please ask the Office Manager for the details.

Salary review process

  • Salaries are reviewed once a year.
  • Your review will fall in the month in which you started at NML.

Bonus pool

  • NML has a scheme which allows employees to share in the profits of the business each year.
  • This is not a guaranteed bonus.
  • At the Company's discretion, the bonus will form part of employees' March salaries.
  • The amount is calculated on pre-tax profits and is allocated to a bonus pool which is then divided amongst employees, based on the following criteria: Salary - This is the starting point for the allocation, which is then adjusted by two factors: __Tenure - To reward individuals who commit to NML for a significant amount of time.

Benefits and salary deductions

  • Retirement (pension) funding, medical aid and insured benefits (life and disability cover) benefits have been taken into account in the Employee’s total Cost-to-Company package and accordingly the Employee shall make his / her own arrangements in respect of membership of a medical aid, retirement funding and life and disability insurance cover.
  • If you have medical aid or pension fund you could provide the details to NML in order to receive a tax benefit.
  • Deductions will not be made from your salary without your authorisation, with the exception of deductions required by law, i.e. UIF and Tax.

Expense claims process

NML will reimburse you for expenses incurred in the performance of your duties, provided that these expenses were incurred with permission from Dave.

The process to be followed includes the following steps:

  1. Inform Dave of the expenses to be incurred.
  2. Claim the amount spent, log the claims on Harvest: Harvest>Timesheets>Expenses>Add Expense.
  3. Physically submit relevant slips to the Office Manager
  4. The expense claim form needs to be submitted at the end of the month and within 2 months of when the expenses were incurred. Where expenses are submitted more than 2 months after the expense was incurred, the expense may not be reimbursed.
  5. The amount will be paid into your account within a month / less after submission to Harvest.

Use of own car – reimbursement

In the case where you need to use your own car for work related matters, like offsite meetings, you may reclaim the cost incurred in doing so. This applies to the following costs:

  1. Petrol costs (R 3.30 / km) incurred to travel to business related appointments, for instance meetings with clients, collecting hardware and so forth.
  2. Car parking costs for business related parking.

These expenses need to be logged in line with the expense claims process discussed in the previous section.