Staff Referral Scheme


The staff referral scheme sets out the rules for any internal referral made by a NML employee, which results in the person who is referred to the Company, being hired permanently.


  • Referral fees will be paid according to the placement’s job grade in the Company as per the table below.
  • All referrals should ideally be known (eg. ex-colleague, friend or family member) to the staff member claiming the referral fee.
  • If, however, the employee does not have a personal relationship with their referral, they have to be able to reasonably justify why they are referring the candidate. Whether the candidate will then be considered for the vacant position and whether the staff member will qualify for the recruitment fee, will be at management's discretion.
  • Referral fees will be paid in 2 parts. Part one will be paid when they have completed one month’s of service and Part two once they have been employed for more than 6 months and have successfully completed their probation period.
  • Should the referral leave NML for any reason within 6 months of commencing employment part two will not be paid.
  • You and your referral will both still need to be in the business to qualify for the payout.
  • You will be paid in accordance with the grade that your referral first joined the business at.
  • New employees are eligible but will only be paid after 3 months of joining the business.

Process for Referral

  • All referrals have to go through the hiring Manager (the manager responsible for filling the vacancy in his/her team).
  • If a candidate is submitted by two or more employees, we will reward the employee who sent through the referral first.
  • Any staff member with a referral should forward a copy of the CV along with a completed referral form to the hiring Manager for initial discussion. Management has the final decision whether to proceed with any referral details provided.
  • The hiring Manager will contact the candidate and arrange interviews.
  • You would have ‘ownership’ of your referral for 6 months from initially referring them. If the candidate was subsequently referred by another employee, or applies directly to the Company outside of this 6 month window period you would not be eligible for a referral fee.
  • Once the candidate has started, the hiring Manager will liaise with the Office Manager to ensure that part one of the referral fee is paid after the first month of service and part two after 6 months of continuous service.

Exceptions (times when you won’t receive a fee)

  • Assisting a friend through the interview process who has already applied directly, via a job board, or been sourced by the hiring manager.
  • If the candidate is a returning employee to the Company.
  • If the candidate was found on a public job board, eg. LinkedIn, Pnet.
  • If the candidate has no relevant experience or qualifications but the Company is taking on the person in a junior capacity to give them an opportunity with the goal of developing them into a role.

Amounts payable

Job GradePayment Part OnePayment Part Two
Intern/No relevant experience and/or qualificationsR0R0
JuniorR7 500R7 500
IntermediateR10 000R10 000
SeniorR15 000R15 000
Urgent vacancy (regardless of seniority level)R22 500R22 500

Download the Staff Referral Form