Test Case States

  1. Design: Test Case is created (In Progress)
  2. Ready For Review: Ready for Review by test team member (Hilary & Khanya), (Ayesha & Alison / Remy) and the developer associated with test case.
    • Please remember to comment in the description after the review.
  3. Ready For Testing: Test Case is ready to be Run

The Process:

  • Tester edit/captures test case. Status is set as "Design"
  • Tester set test case status to "Ready for Review"
  • Tester's review buddy and relevant developer reviews and adds comments to the test case
  • Tester addresses any comments
  • Once All are happy, Tester updates the Test State: "Ready for Testing"
  • Tester "Runs" the Test Case

NB: Please do not set the state to "Ready for Testing", this should only be done by the tester. The only requirement from the developers for test-cases is to add comments (for approval or raising problems). There must be a comment from the dev & testing buddy