Testing Guidelines

OS and Browser List

These are the currently supported platforms and browsers:

	<td>Windows 10</td>
	<td>Internet Explorer</td>
	<td>Windows 10</td>
	<td>Windows 10</td>
	<td>Windows 10</td>
	<td>Windows 10</td>
	<td>OSX Yosemite</td>
Operating systemBrowserBrowser version

Device List

These are the currently supported Mobile devices:

Operating systemMakeModel
Mobile phones
iOSAppleiPhone 5
iOSAppleiPhone 5s
iOSAppleiPhone 6
iOSAppleiPhone 6+
iOSAppleiPad 4
iOSAppleiPad mini
AndroidSamsungGalaxy Tab 3

Agile Testing checklist

Agile testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of agile software development. Agile testing involves all members of a cross-functional agile team, with special expertise contributed by testers, to ensure delivering the business value desired by the customer at frequent intervals, working at a sustainable pace. Specification by example is used to capture examples of desired and undesired behaviour and guide coding.

  • All fields on page (e.g. text box, radio options, dropdown lists) should be aligned properly
  • Numeric values should be right justified unless specified otherwise
  • Enough space should be provided between field labels, columns, rows, error messages etc.
  • Scroll bar should be enabled only when necessary
  • Font size, style and colour for headline, description text, labels, infield data, and grid info should be standard as specified in SRS
  • Description text box should be multi-line
  • Disabled fields should be greyed out and user should not be able to set focus on these fields
  • Upon click of any input text field, mouse arrow pointer should get changed to cursor
  • Information filled by users should remain intact when there is error message on page submit. User should be able to submit the form again by correcting the errors
  • Check if proper field labels are used in error messages
  • Dropdown field values should be displayed in defined sort order
  • Default radio options should be pre-selected on page load
  • Check if correct fields are highlighted in case of errors
  • Check if dropdown list options are readable and not truncated due to field size limit
  • All buttons on page should be accessible by keyboard shortcuts and user should be able to perform all operations using keyboard
  • Check all pages for broken images
  • Check all pages for broken links
  • All pages should have title
  • Confirmation messages should be displayed before performing any update or delete operation
  • User should be able to select only one radio option and any combination for check boxes.

Bug Tracking System

A bug tracking system is a software application that keeps track of reported software bugs in software development projects.

Atlassian Jira - https://newmedialabs.atlassian.net

Azure DevOps - https://dev.azure.com/NewMediaLabs

Bug Logging Template

When logging a bug, the outline below should be used by internal testers as well as clients

Test Summary/Description: Describe test objective in brief.

Pre-condition: Any prerequisite that must be fulfilled before execution of this test case. List all pre-conditions in order to successfully execute this test case.

Dependencies: Mention any dependencies on other test cases or test requirement.

Test Steps: List all test execution steps in detail. Write test steps in the order in which these should be executed. Make sure to provide as much details as you can. Tip – to efficiently manage test case with lesser number of fields use this field to describe test conditions, test data and user roles for running test.

Test Data: Use of test data as an input for this test case. You can provide different data sets with exact values to be used as an input.

Expected Result: What should be the system output after test execution? Describe the expected result in detail including message/error that should be displayed on screen.

Actual result: Actual test result should be filled after test execution. Describe system behaviour after test execution.


  • Test Summary/Description: Freeze after tapping “Save”
  • OS: 8.3
  • Device: iPhone 4S/5/6/6+
  • Build: 60
  • Test Steps:
    • Download build 60
    • Add User
    • Tap Save
    • App Freezes
  • Test Data:
    • Username – Admin
    • Password - Password
  • Expected Result: App should not freeze
  • Actual result: App freezes after tapping save

Test Case Template

A test case is a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether an application, software system or one of its features is working as it was originally established for it to do.

Test case template

Timesheet logging

A timesheet is a method for recording the amount of a worker's time spent on each job.

Use https://newmedialabs.harvestapp.com

E.g. for logging time:

  • Project/Task
  • Billable/Non billable drop down
  • Bug tracking ID E.g. NML-55
  • Time taken

Release Certificate Web

IE11Edge 17Firefox 68Chrome 75Safari 12Opera 60
OSWindows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8

Release Certificate Mobile

iPhone 4siPhone 5iPhone 6iPhone 6+Samsung S4iPad