Testing time logging

With the QA Standardisation, we want to enforce the standards and implementations to track QA Process progress in general.

The following needs to be adhered to going forward:

Time should be logged using the harvest timer in DevOps.

This will then automatically link to your Harvest Timesheet.

It will take some time to get used but you should also manually comment in the description field on your timesheets in terms of whether the ticket was worked on for

  • Creating Test Case
  • Reviewing Test Case
  • Making changes to Test Case
  • Regression Testing
  • Running Sprint Test Case

This will help to evaluate workload and give a good idea of when to tackle a next phase of process. i.e. if all the testers spend less and less time on creating test cases, then the test suites must most likely be pretty comprehensive and we can start looking into automation. Or if running the sprint testing is taking up a lot of the time, we can then put less pressure on the amount of test cases that need to be created at a certain point. Also success tracking – how much time is spent on regression testing now that we have planned out test cases etc.