Timesheet Guidelines



  • There will be no differentiation in task with regards to “Front-end”, Back-end” “Junior”, “Intermediate” and “Senior” development going forward. Should they need to, Project Managers will filter by name for billing purposes.
  • Code Review, Pull Requests, E-mails, “New Developer / Environment Set-up”, “Assistance to Team”, “Technical Debt”, “Bug Fixing” and “Debugging” will all fall under development. Employees are encouraged to make notes in the comments section.
  • Research for a certain task.


  • This is applicable to all environments and includes debugging during deployments.


  • This includes all meetings and a note about the type of meeting should be made in the comment section: “Stand-up”, “Sprint Planning and Retro”, “Client Meetings”, “Conference Calls” and “Demos”.

Business Analysis:

  • This will be used by the Business Analyst and Team Leads and replaces tasks such as “document creation”, “document review” and “architectural work”

Project Management:

  • This is for the use of employees who are appointed as Project Managers.
  • This includes time Project Managers spent on e-mails and client calls.


  • This is for the use of employees who are appointed as Designers.


  • This is for the use of employees who are appointed as Testers.
  • Developers should log their testing time to their relevant development ticket.



  • “Annual”, “Sick”, “Study” Leave will all fall under Leave in Internal. Employees are to make a note in the comments section.
  • Public Holiday still has its own task.


  • Teambuilding outings during the year.
  • Team lunch organised by your Project Manager


  • Timesheets, completing leave forms.


  • Skills development or research not related to a specific task.


  • Cheers
  • High Five
  • Awards Sessions


  • 40-hour work week needs to be maintained (8-hour day) on your timesheets.
  • Time spent on internal items need to be logged (see non billable items above). Your 8 hours might thus not be actual client billable time.
  • Core office hours are between 09:30 and 16:00. 8-hour day still applies.
  • Lunch is excluded from your 8-hour work day and is NOT to be logged on your timesheets
  • Smoke breaks are excluded from your 8-hour work day are NOT to be logged on your timesheets