You need to be in NML's Azure Active Directory and belong to the correct security group. Send and email to vpn@nml.co.za to request access to the group.


  1. Download client from the following link: http://www.forticlient.com/ Just scroll down and download the appropriate one, depending on the platform the users are using.
  2. Install the application (defaults are fine).
  3. Once installed, open Forti Client Console from the tray
  4. Select Remote Access on the left hand pane
  5. Click Configure VPN (Can also click on the cog top right, and select Add new connection
  6. Fill out the parameters as shown below:
  • Connection Name: NML
  • Description:
  • Remote Gateway:
  • Customize Port: 4443
  • Client Certificate: None
  • Authentication: Prompt to login
  1. Client Save
  2. You can now enter your Microsoft Active Directory credentials (@nml.co.za) to connect.