Welcome to NML

"Thank you for joining NML and welcome. It is always an honour to have people accept a job at your company and grace you with their energy and some of their time on this earth – time being the most precious commodity of all. My hopes are that you make a bigger contribution than either you or I could imagine, make friends, you learn a lot and most importantly have fun.

We have a very talented group of people that work at NML, I hope they inspire you and that you can reciprocate and inspire them. My wish is that you always try your best and that you prosper at NML."

"Welcome to NML. It's a good place to spend your days, and I hope you enjoy it here. I always describe it as a 'big boy' company, where people understand what is expected of them and get on with it, with the minimum amount of intervention. We work hard, and this means delivering a little more than people expect, yet still understand that life exists outside of NML. So I hope you settle in nicely, and we look forward to you making your mark on all of us."