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Thank you for joining NML and welcome. It is always an honour to have people accept a job at your company and grace you with their energy and some of their time on this earth - time being the most precious commodity of all. My hopes are that you make a bigger contribution than either you or I could imagine, make friends, learn a lot and most importantly have fun.

We have a very talented group of people that work at NML, I hope they inspire you and that you can reciprocate and inspire them. My wish is that you always try your best and that you prosper at NML.



We commit to ethical, honest and moral behaviour and will always do the right thing even when no-one is watching.

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NML at a glance

Since 2007 our team of highly talented software engineers and designers have been building custom applications from our Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth offices.


User stories in 2021


Completed user stories in 2021


Tasks in 2021


Completed Tasks in 2021


Bugs fixed in 2021


Test Suites in 2021


Test Cases in 2021


Figma design systems


Storybook design systems

Some of our clients

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Your first day at a new job can be overwhelming - everything is very new, from names and faces to systems, processes, and policies. It's information overload!

Who you will meet

You can expect to meet:

  • Claudia, our Office Manager
  • Kirsten, our Operations Manager
  • Your Project Manager and Technical Lead

What are you expected to get done on your first day?


  1. Communication tools
  • Download Outlook for email communication
  • Download Teams which we use as our internal communication platform
  1. HR
  • Expect to receive your Employee take-on form
  • Activate your Payspace profile via a link that will be emailed to you
  1. Work Tools
  • Activate your Harvest profile to track your time
  • Azure DevOps
  • Your line manager or team lead will also add you to the appropriate QA tools, Dev tools or Design tools
  1. Other
  • High Five - give some recognition to your colleagues by giving them a high five
  • Tuyu - download Tuyu and receive R50 when you receive a high five

Working at NML.

There are plenty of documents hosted on our internal doc site that can help you understand the “lay of the land”, but we have highlighted a few important ones for you here:

Benefits and perks.

Continuous professional development

Sponsorship of qualifications

Knowledge sharing

Weekly knowledge sharing sessions

Remote working

Work from home or our inviting office space

Excercise activities

Movement and exercise are supported as integral aspects of health. Online yoga and personal training

Kitchen chats

Industry news, company announcements and catch-up in an informal in-person or online interaction

Monthly braais

The end of the week decompression is catalysed by good chat and great food

Games, events and team-building

Online cooking classes, murder mystery, quizzes and games as a light-hearted way of staying connected

Working at NML

The end of the week decompression is catalysed by good chat and great food


Formal policies governing work at NML.


Documents and policies for developers at NML. Relevant to Junior, Intermediate and Senior Developers as well as Technical Team Leads and Architects.


Documents and policies for designers at NML.

Quality Assurance

Documents and guidelines for the QA team

Project Managers

Documents and guidelines for Project Managers

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